November 2022 Calendar Printable (PDF JPG)

The month of November is the 11th and last month of the year. November comes from Latin “novem,” meaning nine, as it was originally the ninth month in the Roman calendar. That was a time for celebration and feasting in ancient times because it was close to harvest season.

There are many different 2022 November Calendar Printable on the market for November, but we have found some critical benefits to using one of our reminder tools. One advantage is that you can write your daily tasks and reminders, which will help you stay organized throughout the month. Another benefit is that having a November 2022 Calendar Template helps us plan and keep track of all events happening in November.

Printable November 2022 Calendar

The November 2022 Calendar With Holidays is an excellent way to keep track of appointments and upcoming events. Not only are calendars a great organizational tool, but they also help us create goals for the future and make plans for what we want to accomplish in our lives. It’s also important that we have some sort of visual representation of time so we can organize our days and weeks efficiently. With all these benefits, it seems like everyone should be using a November 2022 Printable Calendar – especially one as beautiful as this!

Calendar for November 2022
Calendar for November 2022


Printable November 2022 Calendar
Printable November 2022 Calendar


Free November Calendar 2022
Free November Calendar 2022


November 2022 Printable Calendar
November 2022 Printable Calendar


Critical Qualities of Peoples born in November

  • Communication

November-born people are known to be communicative and expressive in the workplace. They use their language skills to be able to communicate with a variety of different types of groups.

  • Personality

November-born people are known to be quite introverts. They don’t like deafening noises and prefer to spend a lot of time with themselves.

  • Nature

These people are usually considered very independent and ambitious individuals who have no problem taking charge when needed.

  • Interest

The November-born people are very passionate and have a strong sense of justice. They are imaginative and original thinkers who love to be in charge and enjoy being the underdog. For these types of people, we have Free November Calendar 2022. It will help them to achieve their goals.

  • Hand dominance

The largest percentage of November-born people are right-handed with an 89% chance they will favor their right hand over their left–1/3rd of them being ambidextrous.


  • People who are born between November 1st – November 20th belongs to the SCORPIO zodiac sign.
  • Sagittarius- People who are born between November 21st – November 30th belong to the SAGITTARIUS zodiac sign.
  • People who were born in November belong to the CITRINE Birthstone.
  • People who were born in November belong to the CHRYSANTHEMUM birth flower.

Main Federal & State Holidays of USA

1 Nov    Tuesday All Saints’ Day Christian
1 Nov    Tuesday First Day of Native American Heritage Month Annual monthly observance
2 Nov    Wednesday All Souls’ Day Christian
6 Nov    Sunday New York City Marathon Sporting event
6 Nov    Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
8 Nov    Tuesday Election Day Observance
8 Nov    Tuesday Election Day State holiday 12 states
10 Nov  Thursday Marine Corps Birthday Observance
10 Nov  Thursday Return Day State holiday Delaware*
11 Nov  Friday Veterans Day Federal Holiday
11 Nov  Friday Veterans Day State holiday  All except MA
11 Nov  Friday Veterans’ Day/Armistice Day State holiday MS
14 Nov  Monday Barack Obama Day Local observance  Alabama**
24 Nov  Thursday Thanksgiving Day State holiday All
24 Nov  Thursday Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday
25 Nov  Friday State Holiday      State holiday Georgia
25 Nov  Friday Presidents’ Day State holiday New Mexico
25 Nov  Friday Lincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s Day State holiday  Indiana
25 Nov  Friday Day After Thanksgiving State holiday 20 states
25 Nov  Friday Family Day State holiday Nevada
25 Nov  Friday Acadian Day State holiday Louisiana
25 Nov  Friday Black Friday Observance
25 Nov  Friday American Indian Heritage Day State holiday  Maryland
25 Nov  Friday Native American Heritage Day Observance
25 Nov  Friday Native American Heritage Day State holiday  Washington
27 Nov  Sunday First Sunday of Advent Christian
28 Nov  Monday Cyber Monday Observance

Veterans Day


When President Wilson declared November 11th as Armistice Day, he wanted it to be a time where people worldwide could come together and celebrate peace. November 11th became known as Veterans Day after being renamed by Congress in 1954. On this day, Americans honor and thank those who have served or are currently.


Veterans Day is a day where people all across the country come together and celebrate the brave men and women who have served our country. Whether it’s an annual parade, or just a dinner with friends to remember those who have fallen in battle, Veterans Day is a time for us to honor those whose sacrifices we will never forget. Use November 2022 Calendar PDF to mark this event.

Thanksgiving Day


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving Day, a day of feasting and celebrating family, has been around for over 400 years. It is an American tradition–a religious celebration where we give thanks for the harvest season. The first documented records of Thanksgiving were in 1621 when English colonists in Virginia celebrated their successful maize harvest with a feast to show appreciation for God’s bounty.


We can always learn from the traditions of others. Here are some ways that people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. One tradition that I’ve never heard before is a game called “Turkey Bowling,” which entails rolling a bowling ball with a turkey wrapped in aluminum foil down an alleyway into ten pins set up on the other side. If you’re successful, you get points based on how many pins were knocked over by your turkey bowling ball! So, celebrate this event with the help of PDF Calendar 2022 November.

Black Friday


” The first mention of “Black Friday” was on November 27th, 1869, by John W. Forney in his column “The Morning Chronicle.” He used this term to describe the dismal economic picture which many Americans faced at that time due to financial panic and depression from 1857-1859. You can easily mark this event on Calendar For November 2022.


In the United States, Black Friday is an important shopping day. On this day, many people head to stores and malls to shop for holiday gifts. The name “Black Friday” comes from the fact that this is when retailers traditionally turn their highest profits of the year. This date has become so popular in America that it’s considered one of the year’s busiest days with increased traffic on roads and retail stores. You can organize all your planning with the help of Blank Calendar November 2022.


The November 2022 Calendar Printable is a great tool that is available for you. It’s a great thing to stay organized and plan your day ahead of time not to miss any important events! You can also use it to create a monthly desk calendar or an organizational tool in your office space. If you’re searching for even more ways to help. We hope that these tips will help you start planning all of those tasks before they come up at work next week! Print 2022 Calendar November and stay updated for birthdays, notes, your next step for tomorrow, Updates about your business, anniversaries of your mom and dad, Your plans about your future, your schedules.

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